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Maceo Spice & Import Shop and Cafe

Walking into Maceo Spice & Import is like taking a step back into the America we know and love. From the second you enter the front doors, your senses will be flooded with the wonderful smell of fresh spices and herbs. Take a look around and you will see photos of yesteryear hung above the shelves that are fully stocked with specialty import foods from all over the world. You hear the blender churning in the packing room and the hustle and bustle of the employees getting orders together for local restaurants. The food is incredible, the service is unsurpassed, and the products are exceptional.

Come to Maceo Spice & Import for the ambiance, the experience and the quality.

Known for our wonderful products and food, Maceo Spice is a historical landmark of Galveston history. We have been in business since 1944, providing only the finest quality products available. Whether you are looking for a great lunch, or the ingredients to make your next meal, make sure Maceo Spice & Import is your first stop.

Grab some Maceo favorites, sign the wall before you leave & become an honorary member of the Maceo family.

Meats & Cheeses

We import only the finest meats and cheeses available.  As our meat selection varies every week, we do have some staple items available at all times. Our impeccable cheese selection is perfect for the cheese lovers and novices. Our selections include Genoa Salami, Capocollo, Bresaola, Pruiscutto Di Parma, Calabrese, Spanish Chorizo, Pancetta, Serrano Ham, Mortadella, Gorganzola, Cambozola, Port Salut, Provolone, Caciovallo, Smoked & Fresh Mozzerella, Roquefort, Blue Stilton, Gouda, White Cheddar, Emmental Swiss, Pecorino Romano, Reggiano Parmagiano, Regginito, Asiago & Asiago Pressato, Ricotta, Manchego, Danish Brie, Grana Padana, Mascarpone, and more.

Grocery Items

Originally designed for chefs to browse the products while placing their orders, our shelves are fully stocked with items from all over the world. We offer the best Meats & Cheeses, Olive Oils, Vinegars, Sauces, Specialty Foods, Italian Desserts, Pastas, Olives, Artichokes, Herbs & Spices.